What Reference Librarians Can Do to Help Your Teaching

Reference Librarians can assist you with your instructional needs by giving library tours for classes and more!

Research Instruction Sessions

Reference Librarians can give one-on-one, group, and in-class presentations about library and information resources.

We can are available to come to your class and provide a guest lecture on the resources available in a specific area of law or on researching for scholarly papers.  We ask that you schedule guest lectures at least one week in advance to allow librarians time to prepare presentations.

In order to prepare for the lecture, it is helpful if you provide the librarian with your syllabus, copies of the assignment or research project when applicable and a list of any library resources you would like included in the instruction session.

To schedule a guest lecture or instruction session, please contact your library liaison or send a request to library@jmls.edu.

Resource Guides

Librarians prepare specialized guides that act as research guides for classes and courses.  Examples of research guides that the library has made include the International Legal Research Guide, Finding Forms Research Guide, Employee Benefits Research Guide and the Advocacy & Dispute Resolution Resource Guide.

The Research Guides are available via the library’s website or at http://libraryguides.jmls.edu where you can see a list of specialized course and subject guides.  If you have a suggestion for a guide or if you would like to request that a specific research guide be developed for your course, please contact your library liaison or email library@jmls.edu.

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