Israel: Saturday – Overlooking Jerusalem

Ok, so you can’t really see the Old City below, but trust us, it’s there…

On our final full day together, we saw the sun rise over the old city of Jerusalem, from the top of Mt. Scopus and the Hebrew University. After a number of Kodak moments, we drove through the Judean desert past the oldest city in the world, Jericho. We arrived at the Masada fortress high above the Dead Sea. We learned about the story of “Masada” – a fortress that was built by King Herod and later occupied by Jewish resisters to Roman occupation of the land. Hollywood and Peter O’Toole have done a good job, but nothing compares to the real thing. From there we proceeded to the shores of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. We enjoyed a great lunch, and had the traditional float and mud treatment. After returning to Jerusalem in the late afternoon, some prepared to go to mass at the Holy Church of the Sepulcher for midnight Easter services, while others will enjoyed the Jerusalem nightlife.

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